Who Are We?

Jura Girls Netball Club, originally known as Jura Netball, was established in 2011 with just a handful of girls by Joanne Garner. 


The club is based at Collège du Léman's Primary School Sports Dome. We cater to girls aged 8 - 18.

The club is affiliated with Swiss Netball which is the governing body for netball in Switzerland.

Swiss Netball is a full member of both Netball Europe and the International Netball Federation.


      JOY           We aim for any individual who comes into contact with our club to remember an association that worked hard                                        and played hard while enjoying the sport that brings its members so much happiness

U      UNITY        We are one club, we support each other. We collaborate and make decisions in the best interests of our Club as                                     a whole

R      RESPECT     Respect is measured by how we treat each other. At Jura we treat each other with dignity and value all                                                    contributions

  AMBITION  We strive to be the best we can, to achieve maximum performance in all things and in doing so, continuously                                          grow and improve. A positive mind-set produces a positive outcome

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